This is straight-up one of the most beautiful blowjobs I have ever seen.

By the way, in case you’re interested, nearly halfway through the year, I’m standing at 48 self-administered orgasms, and 3 in the company of my wife (or anyone else, for that matter).



So it’s hot here, and I go to bed late after studying, and my wife is asleep next to me, and my dick is hard.

Ever fantasize about someone totally inappropriate, someone you would never really fool around with in real life in a million, skillion years? I got to thinking about one of my nursing professors, who is 60-ish, has a big belly, sets off my gaydar like a five-alarm fire, and is married with several grown kids (she is also a great teacher, just by the way). Anyway, I started thinking about what it would be like to fool around with her, get her naked, cuddle and rub and touch and fool around and fuck. Fun stuff.

As a matter of fact, if she WERE to make a pass at me, I don’t think I’d decline (or play dumb, which I have done before in other circumstances). Maybe it’s just the lack of sex in my life, or maybe I’m attracted to interesting, intelligent people without regard for their superficial trappings. Yeah, I’d fuck her. And, quite frankly, I’d fuck almost all of the interesting women in my life; and a few of the men.

Of course, there is always something to say for superficial trappings…


So you know how I’ve been kind of avoiding video clip porn lately… Well, I got some “alone” time this afternoon, and this turned my crank pretty nicely. I wish it showed more of their bodies, including faces, but shucks… I thought it was pretty fucking hot. How often do you get to see a nice clip of a guy giving a girl serious head?

44, 45, 46, 47, 48

Wow, I’ve been neglecting this blog! (and my penis… though we are celebrating 5 orgasms, they are spread out over the course of 3 weeks)

I’m not going to give you the blow-by-blow (partly because I don’t remember the blow-by-blow. I haven’t been looking at much porn (video clips, that is; I do browse through plenty of pictures, but I rarely masturbate to them). I did jerk off to an old dvd I own; an Abby Winters video featuring two girls getting it on (I am a huge sucker for cute girls getting it on, especially if it involves anal play!). I also have been reading some really bad, but kind of hot, perverted erotica. And the good old porn movie theatre of my own mind.

There has been a notable lack of sex in my life.

I should say, I am in the final days of nursing school here: which doesn’t mean that I am busier than usual; but does seem to mean that my mind is a little scattered.

More soon!


(non-orgasmic, sorry)

Is there anything less sexy than an acute bout of norovirus? Well, yes, as a student nurse (nearly an RN!!), I have seen some pretty gnarly, deeply un-sexy stuff. But still: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever are generally pretty effective buzzkill. Briefly had an erection yesterday morning, briefly considered doing something about it; then I went back to sleep.

Feeling much better today though! Still not quite ready to go for a run or jerk off, but the day is young!


This. Short and sweet. Believe it or not, I’m finding myself a little sick of porn, or at least sick of browsing through short video clips, looking for something that turns my crank enough to get off too. What would I prefer? Good sex play with a willing partner would be nice… Not likely, but a guy can dream. Barring that, I’d like to have time and privacy to engage in a prolonged, thought-out fantasy. Maybe write a sexy story. Maybe play with a kindred spirit online or on the phone? I don’t know. Some kind of variety would be really nice, and also I am kind of dying for sexual interaction of some sort.



Her libido is extremely (and literally) predictable: IF we are going to have sex, THEN it is going to be immediately after her period. And so I was not one little bit surprised when she mentioned the other day that she’d like to get it on. The tricky part was finding the time. Shockingly enough, we did find the time.

The sex was nice, I guess. I think it was better for her than for me, quite honestly. She, at least, had multiple orgasms. It felt a little awkward. She took a while to get properly wet, I kept touching her clit by mistake and making her jump and pull my hand away, which made me feel clumsy and self-conscious. There was no oral component. I think I’ve said before, I LOVE eating pussy; but she hasn’t been into me doing that lately (ie, in the last 5 years or so), and anyway, she was on the tail-end of her period, which I don’t find very appetizing. And my cock was not one little bit sucked or kissed.

So I fingered her and eventually she got nice and wet, and then I fucked her, me on top, and I came inside her, and she came too, and then she masturbated herself to a couple bonus orgasms. And then we cleaned up and had lunch.

Like I said, it was nice.


Woke up at 3 a.m. last night with an erection and school anxiety. Very quietly took care of both issues, at least enough to get myself back to sleep. Though about S.; making out with her, masturbating with her, my cock nestled in between her ass cheeks while I finger her pussy and play with her clit, licking her pussy until she comes, her going down on me and sucking my cock until I came in her mouth. Had myself a very nice and utterly silent orgasm.

The problem with male masturbation (if you are looking for problems) is that it is kind of inherently messy. Women (I assume) can just think sexy thoughts, rub, rub, go back to sleep. A dude, at least if he shares a bed, has to do something or other about the mess. In my case, that means fetching a dirty sock :/